Xander Harris – Urban Gothic LP



Classically trained Austin, TX composer Xander Harris (aka Justin Sweatt) channels the paranoia of 80’s basement horror through seething, shivering synthesizer designs, swerving from cold dread to EBM pummel and back. The 13 tracks on Urban Gothic, his debut, explore throbbing John Carpenter themes (“First Body,” “Crying In The Dark”), clawhammer industrial (“Hunting,” “When The Hammer Starts To Drop”), and thrill-kill hellraiser anthems (“Fucking Eat Your Face,” “Tanned Skin Dress”). Sweatt’s background as a drummer comes gets utilized on the record’s synthetic percussion, which he played manually, giving the songs a looser and less mechanical execution. Tapes, tours, and a 100% Silk 12” are slated to follow in Urban Gothic‘s wake. The horizon is black. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with photographed splatter stills by Amanda B Brown.

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