Wigwam / Tent City CS




You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows but, fuck, it helps. Because global strife/stress/chaos is XTREME of late. Definitely time to retreat, circle the wagons, build shelters. This is the tape to take with you. Kalamazoo, MI-based Wigwam tether together fraying clouds of electric disease and rumbling spirits, sewing a storm-blanket of amp warmth, dreamcatcher distortion, and… flutes? From the brains behind the Tapeworm Tapes label. Tent City are a tribe from the Arizona deserts/suburbs (Tempe), and their B side contribution, “Comes Full Circle,” is a patchwork quilt of recent live sessions and scattered backyard communions. Way more posi-vibed but similarly native in approach, TC clatter sticks and stones and broken drones for a giddy slumber party of free-whatever and vanishing voices. Housed in stenciled sandpaper covers with runic colored-sand-adorned cases, and twine-banded with totem beads and feathers, plus a double-sided insert. Edition of 100.