Weyes Blood – The Outside Room LP



Natalie Mering has been dabbling in the hairy fringes of crusty Americana under the Weyes Blood banner (originally “Weyes Bluhd“) since 2006, oscillating between mythic folk and hieroglyphic haze. Following an extended tour with Axolotl she spent several years in hibernation, roving various south/eastern headquarters, birthing the bones of what would become The Outside Room, her first official full-length. Doomed acoustic guitars swoon and sweep within eerie, medieval atmospheres of clanking chains and ghosted minor keys, while Mering’s low, Teutonic voice leads each elegant melody out into the grey surf to drown. Skewed somewhere between The Shadow Ring and Nico, the album feels mesmerizingly out of time, an amalgam of funereal folksong, hand-scrawled cassette murk, and narcotic electric Eden. Recorded, mixed, and produced by Mering from 2008-2010. Mastered by Graham Lambkin. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with photocopied collage artwork by Mering, plus an 11×17 lyric sheet/poster.

Audio-Visual Sample 1
Audio-Visual Sample 2