Wet Hair – Radiant Lines 7″ + art book



Wet Hair heads Shawn Reed and Ryan Garbes have been jamming poppy strains of long-lensed electricity music for years now, but their trajectories as visual artists arc even farther back. So after a small infinity of J-cards and zines and LP sleeves designs, it’s a pleasure to finally be able to present a preferential suite of some of their finest (and, till now, unseen) compositions in a glossy, full-color, pro-printed 22-panel art volume, bookended by a brand new black vinyl 33 RPM single of joyously multi-hued keys/drums merry-go-rounding. “Radiant Lines,” a longtime live staple. spirals a fuzzy circus organ riff around a splashy-crashy kit pummeling till it dissolves into burbling kaleidoscopic come-down bliss. The B, “Decay,” is more like their songs from the Naked On The Vague split 12”, a slow-motion Suicide-style sweetheart blues nugget, buried vocals crooning in a gentle sea of sweet keyboard grooves. A nice warm-up for their upcoming De Stijl full-length. One-time pressing/printing of 500 copies.