Wet Hair – Glass Fountain LP



Welcome back. Wet Hair return with a second full-length (most of which was recorded during the same sessions that birthed their debut LP, Dream) and we are pleased as spiked fruit punch. The Reed/Garbes duo mainly sticks to their guns, mining the same post-Suicide art-trance vein they channeled on Dream, but with Glass Fountain there’s an added emphasis on the disembodied, oscillator pop mode that Wet Hair often toy with, including some of the band’s simplest but catchiest songs (“Crucifix In The Waves,” “When The Right Time Comes,” etc). Repetitive organ melodies swirl over plink-plonky vintage drum machines with weirdo singing and outer space electronics, like an outsider-punk Silver Apples or something. Hard to say exactly what universe Wet Hair are operating in and that’s probably why we like it. LPs in jackets with art drawn and designed by the band, plus a pro-printed 11×11 insert. Edition of 600 (400 on opaque lavendar vinyl, 200 on black).