Weirdo/Begeirdo – Yell It Yellott CS




“She’s got the best rhythm of any person I know.” That was the bold recommendation that led bassist/drummer/Tahitian-beat dance goddess Meagan Yellott to the open arms of Weirdo/Begeirdo. What we didn’t know is that she loves the J-thro Tull, feels right at home with a four by four, and has enjoyed during some lengthy phase a completely shaved head. Sounds like a dutiful skin from the Missipe, right? Well, she has been arrested… for protesting! We’re certain that if you liked Claire Evans, you’ll love Meagan Yellott! This is the second installment in W/B’s new “members only” cassette series. Home-dubbed tapes in spray-painted, stenciled, wax-sealed envelopes, plus a hand-colored insert. Edition of 50.