Weirdo/Begeirdo – Dreamcatcher 3″ CDR




Hopefully some of you are rad/blessed enough to be familiar with Gabriel Mindel Saloman. The man is a FORCE: lofty thoughts, love-buzz guitar drones, and laid-back footware. When Yellow Swans stopped through L.A. in August with Metalux we managed to corral Gabe into holing up in the Begeirdo amplifier coven, where the Cali gang drank rum from coconuts, talked astrology, and laid down a sick, sprawling, 16 minute metal march of feedback longing and heavy spirits. Dark psychic tribalism for ecstatic peace-niks. Each stenciled CDR comes leather-tied to a wreath of twigs, with 7 blood red beads, earth-colored feathers, and a dangling dreamcatcher, plus an insert. Limited to 96.