Weirdo/Begeirdo – 20 Minutes In Heaven With Claire Evans CS




Usually I wouldn’t suggest trying to french kiss our French keyboardist and oft-bassist. She’s taller than you and way out of your league. Plus she’s also got semi-colon tattoos, baby pink belts, one very tiny ponytail, and that certain je ne sais quois. When she first joined the band she said she wanted to sound like the twins in the Godzilla vs. Mothra movies. You think you can handle that? Just by conjugating a few verbs? Adding to the Evans phenomenon and our humble W/B universe, Claire Evans: who we send off to France begrudgingly, only to welcome her back with open arms in May. Buy the tape. Half-black/half-white dead-stock cassettes in cases glued with hand-cut fabric covers, plus individually colored crushed-out J-cards designed by C Evans herself. Edition of 32.