Watersports / Changeling CS



Hello/goodbye. Entrance tones and farewell dissolves. Two of NNF’s pinnacle favorite cell-melting haze-raisers bow heads across a C50. Watersports are Russ and Lea, who head up NYC’s chief trickle-down esoterica fountain/label, White Tapes. The duo’s flow session here, “Mother’s Touch,” rides a smoke-wave of heartbeat pulses and spirit-organ drift-shift into pure hypno-unbecoming. Like being absorbed into a holy amoeba. Changeling’s B-side, “Great Tranquility,” buries yr ears in even more dream-fog, with voices flayed across green/grey webs of glowing latticework. New age prisms, swimming in skies of delay. Color-misted tapes in hand-numbered olive vellum J-cards, with hand-colored cellular-ooze stickers. Artwork by Roy Tatum.