Vibes – You God It CS



It’s not every day friends get together and decide to swim upstream, but sometimes a great notion deserves great emotion – and legitimate forward motion. Then, shit happens. And then, Vibes. LA’s most recent sub-underground sub-rock quartet are a confusing composite electric dream of DIY funk, stream-of-consciousness garage soul, and groping group groove. Their live shows to date have functioned like moveable parties; the audience is either just crashin’ the thing or looking for someone they know. Regardless, You God It is the band’s first recorded statement, a six song EP featuring the bulk of their live staples, from the dizzy jangle-anthem “Honeycomb” to the slinky pow-wow dance “Spirit Soul” through to the swaggering woodblocks ballad “Shake It Off.” Love is all around, take a look. Tracked live at Bored Fortress then mixed by Ged Greengrass with organ overdubs by Cam Stallones, Pro-dubbed tapes in hand-numbered J-cards with full-color collage art by Amanda. Edition of 100.