V/A – Wedding Metal CDR




Hey beetles: love IS all you need. That said, love’s radness magnifies intensely when you run it through a hot pink thrash-master pedal and tons of delay and jack it all on a volume 10 Sunn amp. Which is how we celebrated our punk-noise nuptials. Twas the MOST epic/beautiful day, crowded with siked friends, bands, amplifiers, microphones, beers/wines, vegan buffets, high fives, headbangs. Fortunately for us/you, our dear dude Bobb Bruno paced his bourbon intake that night, allowing him to semi-soberly record the whole amorous/glamorous affair on his black metal 8-track. 60 minutes of ripping sets by loud loved ones like Mika Miko, Abe Vigoda, Rainbow Blanket/Cruel Face (i.e. Jeff & Greg Witscher), and Hello Astronaut, Goodby Television. Stamped CDR comes in a collage-photocopied party-splatter envelope stuffed with confetti barf and tied with rainbow yarn. Limited, and made with love.