V/A – Tapeworms Eat Bookworms 2 x CS




Books aren’t just for horny Barnard co-eds and pre-law prison inmates anymore. They’re also for Not Not Fun Records to carve and shred to bits and then shove tapes in. 200 made.
NNF Literati include:

-Haunted Castle
-Emergency Ensemble
-No Doctors
-Adam Lipman
-The Aum Rifle
-D Yellow Swans
-Wives w/The Cherry Point
-Corcoran Quartet
-Mika Miko
-The Palladist
-Hello Astronaut, Goodby Television
-Watery Graves
-Ponies in the Surf
-Las Vegas Club
-Parker Posie’s Parkinsons
-Carrier Pigeonz
-Raking Bombs
-Quem Quaeritis
-Foot Foot
-Le Joshua
-Belly Boat
-My Sexual Dad
-Golden Hours
-Jacob Smigel
-Lame Drivers
-Kid Finish