V/A – Siked Psych: NNF Gold CD


This many-months-in-the-mulling compilation collects 21 obscurities and raw gems scattered across Not Not Fun’s first 50 releases. Lamely, compact disc technology maxes out around the 80-minute mark so tons of other equally beloved but lengthier songs and sprawlscapes couldn’t be included. Siked Psych’s layout, lettering, and artwork come courtesy of Pac NW visualist Devon Varmega aka Hair Party. CDs come packaged in double-sided six-panel photo-collage doodle-mural posters, celebratory shredded neon foil, and are banded with 1 of 8 photocopied hand-numbered band-centric comic strips. Edition of 500. The Siked class includes:

-My Little Red Toe
-The Wolf Tracks
-Yuma Nora
-Haunted Castle
-D Yellow Swans
-Bobby Birdman
-Quem Quaeritis
-Silver Daggers
-Abe Vigoda
-Herr K
-Goliath Bird Eater
-Foot Village
-Mika Miko
-Child Pornography
-Hello Astronaut, Goodby Television
-Foot Foot
-The Golden Hours
-Belly Boat