V/A – Free Beasts CS



Modern life is full of chains: of ice, iron, money, ideas. So nothing suits the dull scorch of endless summer better than violent prison break catharsis. This sunshine gold/yellow tape holds up to the sky eighty awesome minutes of liberated blood rumblings, meandering animal thrash, and shattered-shackle séances. No walls, no laws, no limit. Two editions of 100 (same music, different packaging). One comes housed in hand-sewn cloth creature-heads with basement button eyes and dripping gore fangs, the other in oversized flexi-plastic tape cases with color collage covers plus silkscreened sasquatch-mystic exterior art — courtesy of Shawn Reed of Raccoo-oo-oon — and illegibly psychedelic cloud-text band-roster text on the back by Roy Tatum of Quintana Roo/Changeling.
The uncaged include:

-Goliath Bird Eater
-Bonzai Kitty
-Horse Head
-Alopex Lagopus
-Manipulator Alligator
-Grace’s Amazing Kitty Cat Band
-Mythical Beast
-Hive Mind
-Apple Snails
-Polar Goldie Cats
-Worm Hands
-Tusk Mammoth