V/A – Dry Tribes: Live In Tempe, AZ CDR



This country’s way too big (cant we sell off a few states already??) but every blue moon or so faraway friends fuck distances, drive a million miles, and UNITE. June 28th, 2006 was one such mesh/bond party of peace-pipe passing, extended high fives, and amplifier unity between Tent City, Quintana Roo, Black Monk, and Haunted Castle. Heavy ruling ensued. John Ryan & Co.’s sprawling Arizona backyard – and mercifully dim living room – played host to the geographical delirium of Michigan feedback, California smoke spirits, and hometown desert circle circuitry. Things ended in a 100-plus degrees, 5 AM haze, but fortunately the mic was ON. Hear it all. Hieroglyphic-stamped CDRs in full-color hand-numbered 4-way-folded cardstock cases bedecked with sun-gold string.