Umberto – Prophecy of the Black Widow CD


Limited CD digipak edition of Umberto’s 2010 giallo gem. Here’s what we said about the LP version: "Prophecy Of The Black Widow is his sophomore LP and though the badass evil Italo goth-synth horror-score blueprint of From The Grave remains, the main variation is that the overall vibe has bled subtly from 70s Argento/Carpenter-isms into more of an early/mid-80s creep-scape. There’s still plenty of eerie nightmare keyboard riffs and witch-disco breakouts but the synths squelch with more of a neon retrofuturist bent and there’s even one brazenly feelgood ‘we beat the bad guys’ closing credits studio anthem, the literally-titled, “Everything Is Going To Be Okay.” Full-color 4-panel CD digipaks with new interior artwork by madman goodtimer Tim Goodwillie. Edition of 500.

Audio-Visual Sample 1
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