Tracey Trance – Mummy Fingers CS



First had the perverse pleasure of tapping into Mr. Trance’s bizarro soundworld courtesy of archeologist housesitter Dylan Ettinger, who issued TT’s golden classic The American Heartbeat on his astute El Tule imprint last year. Fires were stoked so we tracked down Tracey/Tyler and he replied with a small mountain of lunatic live documents tracing the contours of his wacked stream-of-consciousness keyboard/organ abracadabra. Following a Herculean spring ‘10 U.S. tour with fellow fringe Americana guru-drifter Charles Taterbug, a solid tape on Night People, and an even weirder self-released opus (Hangtown U.S.A.), we are jazzed to present T Trance’s latest acid circus, Mummy Fingers. Recorded on a 4-track in a cabin in rural Washington, this sparkling C30 slipslides through all his manic dual-keys modes (one hand mans the organ, the other dances up and down a wah-fucked Casio), accented with the occasional mushroom starchild sing-songing vocals. It’s reminiscent of nothing else, and that’s obviously a rad/rare compliment. Hopefully more synthetic ivory tickling by this weirdo master will surface on NNF in the future. Pro-dubbed/imprinted orange tapes in j-cards with bootlegged Mozart art. Edition of 120.