Topping Bottoms – Towers Of Spines CS



Don’t even bother trying to fathom the band name, it’s a bottomless game. Here’s what we do know: Topping Bottoms are a loose liberated squad of itinerant Tokyo drifters that traffic in a billowing, burned out brand of post-millenial psych-loitering that feels like someone slow-motion shattering a lava lamp over yr skull and letting the fluorescent slime drip-drop into yr eyes. That good/weird. Featuring sometime members of an odd constellation of other projects (Ainotamenishis, Evangelista, Duchesses, etc), the semi-steady TB line-up (Kate, Masaki, Tracy, Ryo) wields shadow-sleaze PSF guitar licks over dark drugged drumming lightly splattered with Bore-junk electronic sludge. Towers Of Spines is actually a reconfigured and re-sequenced version of an earlier OOP self-released CDR (on Ryo’s own Create Evil imprint) but packed out with a fresh unreleased live cut tracked at a riotous spring 2008 performance. Tapes come in insane double-sided fold-out silkscreened j-cards designed by Ryo which are in turn housed in stunning exterior cassingle-style art shells, all done up in a spectrum of shades and art-paper variations. Basically: the visual quotient on this tape is huge. Edition of 150.