Topaz Rags – Tarot Harem 7″



Eagle Rock’s reclusive comedown crew return to the blacklight for their vinyl debut with a pair of fresh excursions into cold soul shadowplay. Recorded before California Ash but not mixed till later, both tracks tread a haunted interzone between downer noir and goth lament.

“Tarot Harem” is the A, coaxing a funeral mood with spectral voices, distant trumpet, and narcoleptic rhythm. The B is “Black Honey,” which threads a similar path through 3 AM city streets while forlorn piano falls like light rain, the drums shuffle, and the singer warns of “black tar black tar,” an omen of darkness still unseen.

Black vinyl singles in silkscreened, photocopied, and die-cut sleeves with nature nymph burnout artwork. First 78 copies come with a tarot card from the 1970’s Aleister Crowley edition illustrated by Lady Frieda Harris.

Audio-Visual Sample