Thousands – Pig Cooks Pig CS



This California beard-commune have been jamming at a furious pace since forming back in… the dawn of time? Featuring a rotating cast of VxPxC-ers, Antique Brothers, and other East L.A. psychedelicates, Thousands are limitless in their instrumentation, enthusiasm, and willingness to trek into the deepest deserts (both literally & metaphorically) to excavate/achieve the perfect chemistry of tattered clatter and tripped vibes. On Pig Cooks Pig they turn in two side-long monsters of conceptual cop contempt, loose Mansonian lore, and fried pork psychosis. Greasy slabs of wasted guitar and synth smoke twirl on sticks above a pit of simmering campfire flames, loping drums creepy-crawl over murmuring voices and pitch-black hippie grooves. Bold, boundless, and broasted. Purple tapes in silkscreened art-flaps with printed labels. Hand-numbered edition of 72.