The Golden Hours – The Mystery & Her Crew CS




Nostalgia rules, especially when what yr recalling are the softer days of mid-80s yonder – a time when Calvin Johnson was top swinger and the Pacific Northwest was his luscious green K-hole. Reminiscent of Rose Melberg’s tender lullabies, the atmosphere of cable-knit sweaters, hand-made zines, and homemade zucchini bread. The Golden Hours are Not Not Fun’s gentlest venture, and why not? We aren’t afraid of our sensitive side, nor can we deny the sweet thumping heart of DIY mail music. From Raf in Providence to Eliza in Eugene to Brian in Portland to you. This tape case glows in the dark, so hold it up to yr cozy lamplight, place it on yr bedside table, and get dreamy. Stenciled golden cassettes in ink-stamped, hand-mummified masking tape-wrapped cases, plus an accordion comic-zine insert. Edition of almost 100.