The Deeep – Life Light CS



June in Toronto is a beautiful thing so we might be biased but our one night there centered around a verdant open-air courtyard and a mesmerizing dusk-lit live performance by local beat/vocables duo The Deeep and it was obvious we had to hear more. And this is that, Life Light, the band’s debut release, starring six spellbound permutations of their synth-art choral chemistry. Soak the glow. The album dissolves from communal bass-loop/drum machine chant templates like “Mudd” into desolate cinematic ghost-choirs (“Abyssal Plain Pt. 1 & 2”) then spirals back into weirdo rubberized synthesizer sculptures (“Dream”) and closes with the 90s-vibed silk-groove chill-out single, “Slow Coaster.” The dynamic of Isla Craig’s flowing crushed velvet vocals and Wolfgang Nessel’s electric drift/rhythm methods is given ample room to slink, soar, and slow-dive, and the motion is magic. Pro-dubbed gold metallic tapes in cases with pointillist-squid art by Victoria Cheong. Edition of 150.

Audio-Visual Sample