Teeth Mountain – Live On LP



Bodymore, Murderland has a heavy rep for art/music freakery (J Waters, Tarantula Hill, Lexie Mountain Girls, etc) but one of the city’s more divisively unhinged recent groups is Teeth Mountain. A seven-piece ensemble of scavenged drums, dissonant sax, clarinet, mixer drones, electric guitar feedback, sporadic chanting, and unverified mystery junk, they straddle a fine line between orchestrated rhythmic psychedelia and freeform drum-circle drug meltdown. Their 2008 LP on SHWDPLY captures a mood of frenzied energy but such sustained hairiness requires repeat documentation, hence Live On. Two sprawling sides of interwoven live recordings encompassing world scorch, jittery horn ragas, and basement attack trance. Raw and real. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with painted mirror-shard cathedral artwork by the band, plus an 11×11 full-color double sided insert.

Audio-Visual Sample of a 2009 live set