Super Minerals – The Thaw CS



Tracing the veins of a band’s constituent parts can uncover strange and enlightening currents of influence, history, mystery, etc. And LBC riff kings Magic Lantern have one such rich creative periphery: guitarist Cam’ron holds court as Sun Araw, lead guitarist William records as the luminous Eureka, drummer Chip stars in Christian musicals (!!), and together William and tambourine-man/organist Phil soundtrack acid vistas as Super Minerals. What’s perhaps even more unknown to most is that SM actually predates Magic Lantern by a solid few years, and have been gently unfurling fried and frayed zoner atmospheres in micro-edition CDRs since at least 2005. Due to humility or mellow marketing, however, virtually zero of these have slipped into the greater global earhole. So when Phil one day graced us with the Minerals’ entire collected works, we realized the time was now to right this wrong, and began compiling The Thaw, a gargantuan C120 selection of their most truly tripped and narcotic audio mirages, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with it. Murky sunlight string-jangle, jungle Om heatwaves, distant insect whirr, phantom flute whispers, deep drugged rainforests of vibrant harmonic hallucination – this land is yr land. Immense and imaginary. Pro-manufactured high-bias chrome tapes in deluxe silkscreened oversized cases with double-sided full-color ‘solar ooze’ artwork by French. Edition of 100.