Super Minerals – The Thaw CS repress



We spent weeks farming through three and a half years worth of Super Minerals’ greatests recordings to birth The Thaw, the massive C120 collection we released in early ’08. But as edition-of-100s are wont to do, the CS sold out fast and vanished into the yawning past. Which is cool, but we felt this classic deserved a 2nd go-round for the united global earhole, so we fashioned a new edition, and here it is. Exact same music (“murky sunlight string-jangle, jungle Om heatwaves, distant insect whirr, phantom flute whispers, deep drugged rainforests of vibrant harmonic hallucination”), on the exact same high quality pro-imprinted chrome cassettes, but this time each tape is housed in a unique hand-cut full-color wraparound piece of brain-hazed new age art, and tied with a piece of sea glass scavenged in Fort Bragg, CA. Edition of 100.