Sun Araw – The Phynx LP



All natural organisms have roots, and some even say they’re a good thing to return to from time to time. For instance, right now. In the wake of the jazzed reactions garnered by his Beach Head album and split LP with Predator Vision, today seems as ripe a time as any to re-introduce yrself to chapter one of Cam Stallones’ Sun Araw saga: The Phynx. Originally released on NNF as a limited-edition CDR in early ’08, this four-song full-length ruled us the first time ‘round, but now, re-mastered by James Plotkin and pressed on wax, these electric stomping grounds sound positively holy. Our first-time descrip read: “Spanning Spacemen 3 garage cosmos, Starving Weirdos coastal séance, and a healthy stratosphere of pan-dimensional astral feedbackers, The Phynx is a fantastic four-track suite that floats freely from form to formlessness in the blink of a third eye. A great journey into white light dirge and dead distortion blues, and as killer a debut full-length as a label/listener/fan/head could hope for.” All of this rambling was, and remains, true blue. Edition of 500, housed in matte jackets with new back artwork. As an extra audio high-five, this reissue is actually available one of two ways: 1) on its own, or 2) with a copy of a brand new Sun Araw bonus C20 called Leaves Like These. Paypal accordingly.