Sun Araw – Sun Ark 7″



Left coast karaoke machine enthusiast Cameron Stallones leaves no loop unturned in his endless questing for the ultimate kaleidoscopic island-psych cocktail, and relocating from the LBC to Glen Rock (half Glendale, half Eagle Rock, duh) freed him up to construct his own hermetic jam cove – dubbed Sun Ark Studio – thereby ratcheting up his workaholic-ism several levels. And so this Sun Ark single serves as both a love letter to his new musical HQ and as a curious vinyl document of Araw’s first step into the new next wave. Dubby basslines and reverbed drum pad action still reign hard but the song construction is less western and more liberated than ever before (echoing his new all-solo live set up), with micro-cycles of flute, voice, FX, and organ cascading down like fuchsia sunset light across the plastic rhythm section. “Bump Up (High Step)” is a warped reggae club heartbreaker, flangy cheese guitar leads and jungle rattles, a constant chorus. “Live Mind” is the B side, and it’s descended from the Heavy Deeds lineage, lots of equatorial sweat, low end pulse, dry funk guitar, bucket percussion, etc. A cool new boat trip on an evolved vessel. Black vinyl 7 inches in glue-pocket jackets with art by Stallones. Edition of 500.