Sun Araw – On Patrol 2xLP



If a tree falls in a forest and no one’s around, shit still gets crushed. If Cameron Stallones holes up in a suburban cave and wah-riffs over canned bongos for five straight months, double LPs still get dropped. These are basic laws. The latest from Mr. Araw is easily his least compromising audio self-portrait to date. Three minute rhythm sketches are stretched into ten minute loop pedal odysseys. Organ solos last for entire vinyl sides. Ambiguous law enforcement themes are toyed with then abandoned in a haze of hypnagogic sleaze. Gone is the sweat and funk of Heavy Deeds, long gone is the sun-kissed pop shuffles of Beach Head. In its place is a loose, patient 85 minute drum machine burro-ride accented by phasered organ gasoline, echo guitar sparkles, funny flute trills, tried/true Stallones vocal exclamations (“Whaaaah Ohhh”), and oddball FX. Magic Lantern cornerstone William Giacchi drops by to jam on one track but it doesn’t much upset the overarching Patrol thesis: Ride It Out. The sound of one man’s conga mind soaking in its own juices, refracted down a hall of mirrors, and allowed to freely ferment. Two black vinyl LPs in a thick gatefold jacket with Knight Rider-ed photo collage artwork by Stallones featuring plenty of his trademark triangles and yellow fontmanship. Mastered by James Plotkin. Edition of 800.