Sun Araw – Heavy Deeds CD



One of So-Cal’s most hustling heroes steps back up to the plate with five fresh tracks meshing the cosmic feedback of The Phynx with the tropical goofin’ of Beach Head and the equatorial swelter of Boat Trip, plus a potent mainline of primitive rhythm, drug funk, and broken glass. Check the blazing wah streetfight that breaks out mid-way through “Get Low,” the brainbath haze soaking into the joints of “Hustle And Bustle,” or the endless feel-good float-away of the climax of “All Night Long.” Mastered by James Plotkin with lil’ Stevie screengrab artwork designed by Stallones. CD digipak version contains “Hey Mandala!” (SA’s track from the split 12” with Predator Vision) as a bonus track. Edition of 500.