Shepherds with Shawn Reed – Eyes Of The World CS



Named (maybe) after some not-too-noteworthy Grateful Dead hoedown, Eyes Of The World here signifies the banner under which Brooklyn’s tenders of the wandering psych flock, Shepherds, communed with Raccoo-oo-oon’s singer/shredder Shawn Reed for a C50-something of carefully cultivated rhythmic primitivism and early-man ghost chanting. Non-Horse-play tape loops spool in the shadows while J Earl percussion flashes light on cavernous corridors of SK1 and Christian’s stringed psycho-babble. Hold hands in the flames of the fire. Pro-manufactured orange tapes with full-color double-sided fold-out J-cards group-designed/drawn/written by Jeremy Earl, Shawn Reed, and Gabriel Lucas Crane. Edition of 200.