Shepherds / Quintana Roo CS

NNF053 / FIT032


Growth is god, dudes. Gotta change, morph, MOVE, ring in new harvests and let fresh blank tapes bloom black in the heat. This shadowy C60 is a cloaked stare-off between two recently-birthed coastal crews. Shepherds traverse the Bushwick/Brooklyn axis, watching their flock from a crooked branch off the Fuck It Tapes tree of life/death. Tattered tunic improv-clatter meanders against dead-dub bass echoes while thin-air prayers rise from weary throats. On the flip is west coast crawl unit, Quintana Roo, who burrow through sub-cellar levels of spirit grime and cursed dirt worship. “Mythological Animals” ponders bowed drones, autoharp rust, and disembodied drumming for a haunted half hour, before drifting back to womb hum. Painted tapes in silver-mist latticework cases, with full-color covers. Co-released with Fuck It Tapes.