Shepherds – Loco Hills LP



A lot of beloved-by-us artists and artisans icepick out shapely creations from the marble slab of life on a steady schedule, but even within this rarefied realm it’s a real cause for jubilee when an individual/band fucks precedent and totally redefines themselves through a real masterwork. And, in our book, Loco Hills is one such touchstone. Distilling down every fried fuzz-groove, tape-loop ghost cloud, and mass-mind motorik psychosis Shepherds have ever let loose into four perfectly sculpted jam-journeys, the language of Loco is a rolling, roiling ride through twisted wordless tongues and ramshackle generators, at once more focused and far-out than anything else in their canon. Mentioning that members moonlight in projects like Woods, Non-Horse, and Vanishing Voice is meaningless, this is the Rear House posse’s shining achievement to date. Black vinyl LPs in matte jackets with the same ‘gnashing viper’ artwork of the Release the Bats CD edition. First 100 direct mailorder copies come with a bonus CDR of unreleased live recordings. Edition of 500.

Audio-Visual Sample