Secret Abuse – Violent Narcissus LP



Secret Abuser Jeff Witscher is an enigma wrapped in a riddle rolled in cassette tape and plugged into a battered pair of towering PA speakers. He’s lived everywhere, met everyone, and inspired legions through his lifestyle, utopian fashions (“refugee chic”), and spellbindingly intense music. Up from Rainbow Blanket, through to Impregnable, and across the arid plains of Roman Torment and Deep Jew, Witscher’s maintained a singularity of vision and total commitment to execution that has wrecked us in the live setting many a time. But, despite his nomad instincts, the past year plus has seen him settling slightly deeper into his Secret Abuse mode, and here’s hoping he lingers a while longer, cause it’s a fucking winner. Brutal, pensive, blown-out tones crossfade into tortured minor key guitar laments before being slowly subsumed in a droning ocean of choked vocals and sulking, selfish electronics. Repressed, burning, and emotional as only a young man pushing away everything can be, Violent Narcissus is as definitive a document as has thus far yet emerged from the SA canon. Look long and hard; the mirror is a bitter mistress. Black LPs, mastered by Bill Hutson, housed in jackets designed by Witscher. Edition of 445.

Audio-Visual Sample 1
Audio-Visual Sample 2