Robedoor – Raiders LP



Following 2008’s East Coast tour w/Woods and Pocahaunted the Robedoor agenda has been one of hibernation, late night sessions up in City Terrace above east LA, exploring new variations with drummer/modular synthesist M. Geddes Gengras, letting the smoke rise. Raiders is the group’s first LP since Endlessly Blazing and emerged from six smogged months of slow-burn mantric jamming and extensive tape machine overdub improvisations – numbed guitars, resin drones, spider webbed rooms of drums and rumble, echo dislocation, dead voices cascading down onto the freeways. Song structures are carved and then left to rot. Features early trio live set staples like “Indo Shadow” and “The Downcast Eye.” You can’t stick your hand in the same sewer twice. Black or grey vinyl LPs in jackets with cover photo by Caitlin C. Mitchell.

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