Robedoor – Raiders CS



Following the 2008 East Coast tour w/Woods and Pocahaunted the Robedoor agenda has mainly been hibernating in the City Terrace zone above east LA, adding a drummer/modular synth dealer, letting the smoke rise. Raiders is the first RBDR LP since 2008’s Endlessly Blazing and is the result of almost six months of slow-burn transformative tape machine meditation helmed by Mr. Ged Gengras. Bummed guitars, loner drone tones, low caverns of reverbed drums and rumble, echo dislocation, and dead voices cascade down into the isolated highways. Song modes are carved out and then left to rot. Features early trio live staples like “Indo Shadow” and “The Downcast Eye.” You can’t stick your hand in the same black river twice. Change or be changed. Pro-dubbed and imprinted tapes in an appropriated J-card of the LP cover, with band photo by Caitlin C. Mitchell. Edition of 100.

Audio-Visual Sample