Robedoor / Haunted Castle – Failed Grails 2 x CS

NNF031 / EXBX015



It didn’t seem like such a BFD when Martin Luther nailed his 95 accusations of heresy to the Wittenberg cathedral’s door on Halloween night, 1517 (the Catholic church/people had a fucking heart attack, but whatever). Just a shattered dude, nailing stupid steel into holy wood under an old-school sky. But this medieval gesture of punk-rock protest unknowingly sowed the seeds of religious rebellion for a million hippie pagans, college Nietzsche name-droppers, and teenage Burzum posers. Thanks a lot. Fortunately, Failed Grails taps into the grimmer shit, channeling spiritual siege and the ashen aftermath through circuitry storms, infidel howls, and charred-altar smoke-drones. Comes housed in intricately spray-painted dual-cover cassette bibles, with matches glued to the spines. (Co-release with Excitebike Tapes).