Quintana Roo / Warmth – Runes Translucent CS



Looking down, looking in, under the sand, under the skin. A tape/trip for star/shoe/dirt-gazing, soundtracks for shapeshifting glow-zones deep in the distance. QR offer up “Black Dreaming Place,” a 25-minute soul séance of bleak ghost dust and moonlit rattlesnakes. Recorded in the middle of the Anza Borrego desert with the rumbling help of Josh Taylor’s battle-tested generator. Warmth is Steev (aka the late Roxanne Jean Polise) and Branden (of Quilts, etc) and their tone-blanket B side, “Sharing Antique Mothers,” crawls on slow and soft like a morphine drip. A drugged electronic massage from amplified hands. Painted-label tapes in white vinyl cases with dual-layer dream-vellum covers, plus an origami insert with a piece of found film. Artwork by Roy Tatum of Changeling/Quintana Roo.