Predator Vision / Sun Araw LP



Two loose electric agendas grind the great ghost-pipe in the sky on this sweaty slab of black wax. East Coast triad Predator Vision hit all our pressure points last year with a pair of rank/dank self-titled tapes, both of which trailblazed a shaggy path through curtains of cavernous moss via slow-burn low-end/drums rumbling (Ben Daly and Etienne Duguay, respectively) and fucked up outer space shredding by Matt Mondanile (aka Ducktails). New-age psych-rock without the negative trappings of either genre-hole. This is PV’s vinyl debut, and their A side monster, “Real Aliens,” alternately levitates/bulldozes through four main movements: tripped, trashed, free, and feel-good. Share the Vision. On the flip is Sun Araw/Cam’ron Stallones, whose suburban crescent of Long Beach druggie mantric soul psych shows no signs of slowing down. Buoyed up by low-lidded free trumpet courtesy of Phil French (of Magic Lantern/Super Minerals), “Hey Mandala!” explodes in a stoner cyclone of hippie drum-pad, “whoo-whoa” vox, and a shitload of wah, before ebbing into a floor-shaking rhythm machine. Black vinyl LPs, mastered by Casio Mon, in glossy pro-printed jackets with island/jungle art designed by Stallones. Edition of 475.