Pocahaunted – Threshold 7″



Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, bands to solo projects – it’s all the same arc. And here it is, the final RIP action by star-crossed NNF institution Pocahaunted and the only recorded document of the final triforce-vocal line-up featuring Leyna Noel on keys/crooning/dance magic. On the final day of their 3-week spring ’10 US tour , the band booked a session at Louder Studios in San Francisco with Tim Green (Nation Of Ulyssess/Fucking Champs, etc) and laid down their freshest post-Make It Real songs. It marks Poca’s first & last time working in proper studio setting and the results blaze and amaze. “Threshold” was written on the road and melts through a river mistress intro before revving into a tense kraut-funk burner with catchy (and surprisingly non-FX-soaked) femme-soul vocables cascading down from every side. The B, “Echolocation,” is a tranced ghost-reggae comedown ballad and classic slow-dance live staple. Nimble bass maneuvering by whimsy princess Diva Dompe leads the melody up through the choruses into the torch-song bridge climax that leaves everybody on the floor. Roll the credits, this is the end. Black vinyl 7 inches in sleeves with collage/paint artwork by Manda B Brown and Diva Dompe, plus a photocopied insert. Edition of 500.

Audio-Visual Sample