Pocahaunted – Make It Real CD




After a six-month hiatus, a complete line-up overhaul, a trip to SXSW, a UK/EURO tour, and a full year-plus of only playing shows and writing songs and amassing totemic objects, finally Pocahaunted return to the recorded realm with their first album since 2008. Time flies when yr having not not fun and all that. Make It Real collects seven of the band’s 2009 live staples for a 40-minute-ish collage of basement body music, garage dub damage, outsider funkadelic sprawl, voodoo rhythm workouts, duo femme soul vocal dynamics, dripping gold sweat, etc. Recorded barefoot and shirtless and direct to tape at Green Machine Studio in summer ’09 by M.G. Gengras and featuring guest bamboo sax by jazz dreamer Alex Gray (of Dreamcolour/Deep Magic) and mastered by James Plotkin. Four-panel full-color CD digipaks with warped LA post-Parliament utopia artwork by vision wizard Spencer Longo. Edition of 700.

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