Peaking Lights – 936 CD


2009’s Imaginary Falcons was its own savvy slushpile of tape-hissy drift-dub haze pop, no question, but 936 takes every facet of the Peaking Lights mighty diamond and shines it even further. The songwriting is killer; “All The Sun That Shines,” “Amazing & Wonderful,” “Tiger Eyes (Laid Back),” etc, all seep into yr mindstream and float there like melodic gold dust. Indra Dunis’ silky soul-jazz keys and tranced vocals have never sounded so exquisite, and Aaron Coyes busts out the best bass/drum loops and sneaky dub guitar of his musical lifetime. Recorded by Luke Tweedy at Flat Black Studios in Iowa City and mastered in Berlin, 936 retains the cool crate-digger grit of their earlier highlights, but within a much more vivid spectrum of sound. Could not be more jazzed to unveil this total classic. CD version includes two bonus tracks from the same recording sessions not chosen for inclusion on the LP. CD digipaks with vintage art by the band, plus some stills from their "All The Sun That Shines" video.

Audio-Visual Sample 1
Audio-Visual Sample 2