Non-Horse – Rigor Lore CS



Hope you like to read/research. ‘Cause Gabriel Lucas Crane aka Non-Horse here unfurls an crusty 80 minute scroll of abstract sound/texts, perfect for dream-diviners and out-of-work drone-archeologists. The Brooklyn tape-manipulator conspiracy theorist (and full-time Vanishing Voice associate) has crafted similarly mystic audio-calligraphies for other label undergrounders like Release the Bats and Fuck It Tapes but Rigor Lore is his first real novel-length outpouring. The A side walks through wondrous home-recorded catacombs of dead machine murk and hieroglyphic mystery, murmuring million-year-old Masonic secrets to pharaoh ghosts, while the B documents a series of his live rituals, which are equally baffling and symbol-ridden. Fire-red tapes with printed labels in cases with runic cover art by GLC himself, color-copied on heavy Byzantine-gold paper, plus a lengthy scripture insert. Limited to around 200.