My Sexual Dad – That Black Forest Feeling enhanced CDR




Kids get siked about all sorts of “whatever” shit (pixie sticks, Zelda, sex, etc), but know what they worship more than anything else in the history of the multiverse? Nope, not bongs. TECHNOLOGY. Highland Park transplants MSD tap this youth hot topic with a rad leave-stenciled, twine-woven enhanced CDR single. Featuring a PROG-ressive pair of ambitious ballads about pinecones and bummer love, plus a bicycle-oriented video for Shark‘s Top 40 KROQ B-side, “The Sham-o-tronic Fever,” as well as a rare reel of footage (shot during their 2-show Central Valley Tour in May) of the band members riding in vehicles, standing in fields, and even playing music, TBFF will probably either win a Grammy (for best rock performance), or an Oscar (for best picture). Sorry, Cinderella Man. Edition of 100.