Magick Markers – Feel The Crayon LP




This is a moment of heavy-ish honor. Magick Markers scrawled a permanent place in NNF’s heart the first time we jammed their deranged-shaman society-ripper “White Bikini” at max volume. Instantly became a total dream to carve that magik on sike-adelic vinyl. This is that dream. Originally released as a limited-run 7-song CDR by shambling east coasters, Apostasy Recordings, the wax edition of Feel The Crayon shaves 2 of the more ambient tracks (for length/sound quality purposes), creating a harsher, denser document of the Markers’ ecstatic feedback questing. Pressed on purple-haze vinyl, in color-washed hand-screened jackets with lunatic utopia artwork by George W. Myers of Grey Skull. Also comes with a hand-numbered 16-panel art-zine of additional GWM creature visions/drawings. Edition of 500. [Note: 2nd edition of 500 in pro-printed jackets, with no zine, pressed later.]