Little Claw – Human Taste LP



Portland, OR-by-way-of-Michigan garage gang Little Claw first tripped our radar with their self-released Why Not 7 inch, which was/is raw and physical and swingin’ in all the ways you want a 7” to be. Their LA live shows proved even more ripping and charged; we were sold. So we sprung at the offer to enshrine their latest (and best) album, Human Taste, on vinyl for the world’s turntables to adore. Packed with classic, cracked anthems (“Frozen In The Future,” “Colors You Drown”), basement weirdo stompers (“Modern Vampire,” “Breathing Tape,”) and naked art-punk riddles (“Lay To Waste,” “Summerphile”), the LP’s two sides are slyly sequenced to seduce, blind, and devour, demonstrating a rad range of attacks, escapes, claws, tongues. It’s a great late summer record: between styles, beyond genres, and aggressively alive. Taste the Taste. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with art designed by the band, plus a pro-printed, double-sided 11×17 poster/insert. Edition of 600. CD edition available on Ecstatic Peace.