LA Vampires Meets Zola Jesus 12″



Trans-time zone collaboration between So-Cal sample sister LA Vampires and Madison, WI neo-Siouxsie Zola Jesus. Despite the distance the respective vibes vibe effectively: grainy dub rhythms echo along concrete corridors while forlorn femme sing-song & howls cut through the mix drenched in spectral delay. There’s a couple bangers (“Bone Is Bloodstone,” “Looking In”), a few ballads (“In The Desert,” “Vous”), and some quasi-covers (“Searching,” “No No No”) – every mood given its due. Local photographer (& drummer) extraordinaire Caitlin C. Mitchell contributes smoky trumpet on one track, while deep space Moog and production duties were handled by City Terrace studio wizard G. Gengras. A summer industrial riddim gem, and a unique step sideways for both artists. 45 RPM black vinyl LPs in disco-hole sleeves with artwork and layout by Manda Beth Brown.

Audio-Visual Sample 1
Audio-Visual Sample 2