LA Vampires feat. Matrix Metals – So Unreal CD



Episode two in season one of the LA Vampires Collab Chronicles finds her joining forces with elusive alien discotech-head Matrix Metals of the nomadic Outer Limits Recordings cabal. Blurry ornate cassette-loop architectures groove and grind under jazzy Casio canopies while Ms. LA Vamps screws it all down and layers in additional square wave keyboard lines, echo chamber FX, drum machine detailing, low-end throbs, and sings lead on a gold spraypainted microphone. The entire LP has that ‘melting-on-the-dashboard’ warped-world tonality of all the best Outer Limits tracks, and the fried radio-rhythm Matrix beats coax out a hidden sunbleached faux-pop vocal style not evident on any of her previous vinyl. Elaborately 4-tracked over the summer and mixed by Mr. Geddes Gengras, So Unreal is exactly that, and a synergistic statement by both parties. 4-panel full-color CD digipaks with glamorized Nagel-style portrait/collage artwork by recent LA transplant/BFF Spencer Longo.

Audio-Visual Sample 1
Audio-Visual Sample 2
Audio-Visual Sample 3