Josh Taylor’s Friends Forever / Barrabarracuda – Bleached Speeches CDR




Freedom means a lot of things to a lot of people. Some Montana cowboys think freedom means the legal ability to rocket launcher a mule deer into a thousand pieces, while other freaks think it means the right to sue Coca-Cola ’cause their soda made them burp. But to witness the peroxide waves of bikini-punk fireworks-rock that constitutes a Josh Taylor’s Friends Forever show is to have freedom redefined forever. Amy, Kenna, and Germaine’s track here is a non-stop 18 minute junk-van thrashsterpiece of rainbow drums, headbang bass, and kool-aid keyboard plasma. Messy L.A. beach-cruisers Barrabarracuda exercise their own fair share of western liberties across 3 outsider agitations, decrying (or glorifying) urgent social issues like Patty Hearst, Watergate mystique, and Bush-backed torture policies via bleedingly liberal guitar shred, pissed trumpet protests, and healthy freedom-of-speech abuse. In hand-stamped, die-cut sleeves, plus an insert. Edition of 100.