Innercity – Boy In Forest Trying To Hotwire The Earth CS



Crouch-core electronic maximalist Hans Dens aka Innercity (aka a million other aliases) is one of the truer flames still burnin’ up the CDR/cassette micro-circuit, spewing forth an overwhelming smokestack of of zero-edition unedited circuitry throb and loop-lurch (much of it on his own Why So Serious? imprint). His prolificness is daunting to put a dent in, but the beauty is you don’t have to: anywhere’s a good place to start, as he packs every track with such an excess of FX and ideas that every piece is like a fractal, endlessly dividable into mirror-zone self-similarities. That said, Boy In Forest Trying To Hotwire The Earth is a particularly astutely edited slab of prime Innercity, a fuming soup of dovetailing drone-wave no-mind patterns and restlessly jump-cutting lunar-pulse brain-baths. Both sides showcase his cyber-psych strategies in peak form, arpeggiating in violet radiation and interstellar VCR meltdowns; trance music in its strictest meaning. Future LPs on Aguirre and beyond will continue to attempt to bottle his unstable ecological chaos-magick, so rest assured there’s more where this came from. A vibrant ghostlight in the already overactive Belgian DIY weird-tronix community. Pro-dubbed tapes in sensual spectrum-overdrive J-cards designed by BB. Edition of 150.