Inca Ore – Silver Sea Surfer School LP



Eva Saelens’ life quest has taken her from Michigan to Oregon to Oakland to Portland and back again, with multiple overseas treks and inner-travel road trips thrown in for good measure. The path she’s on is long and winding and cloaked in the shade of overhanging cherimoya trees but fortunately for the rest of us she maps her migrations with exotic electric breath documents, from 2006’s Brute Nature Vs. Wild Magic to last year’s Birthday Of Bless You. 2009 finds Saelens laden with a fresh psychic harvest, Silver Sea Surfer School, rip-curling through nine movements of poetic declamation, tape hiss, and ash-kissed keyboards. This may be her most tidal outing yet, surreal undertows of whisper, noise, piano, and percussion. An impressive and bracing pearl-dive into murky personal waters. LPs designed by Saelens, with a full-color insert. Edition of 500 (40 on clear ocean-water vinyl, 180 on marbled blue/white, 280 on black). CD edition on Acuarela.

Audio-Visual Sample